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Questions & Answers


Q What is The Great Scottish 100
A It is a walk challenge of 100 miles in six days over six different routes throughout Scotland.

Q What will be the average length of each route?
A Each of the six routes will average 16.5 miles although the stage Blairgowrie to Spittle Glenshee is 21 miles.

Q How will the participants get between stages?
A There will be mini coach transport between stages

Q Is there an upper or lower age limit
A There is a lower age limit of 16 on the full six day event

Q Are there any prizes
A Yes We shall award The Great Scottish 100 Trophy to the team with the lowest aggregate overall time. Individual prizes will also be awarded to the 1st, 2nd & 3rd male / female participates with the lowest overall aggregate times.

Q How many teams will there be in the walk
A There will be up to forty teams (20 teams of 6 & 15 teams of 4)

Q When should teams and individuals enter?
A As early as possible.

Q Do teams have to start and finish together.
A No each person’s time is recorded individually thus allowing each person to go at their own pace.

Q How do you work out the final team positions?
A Each member of a team is timed and it is the combined time of the first four in each team across the finish line at each of the six sections which is added up .The team with the lowest total overall aggregate time will be declared the winners of the Great Scottish 100 Trophy.
The Inter- Service Cup result will be worked out using the same method.

Q Will we be kept informed as to how well each team is doing
A At the end of each day we shall be informing / publishing to all participates /followers .the up to date positions of all teams and individuals.

Q What happens if a team member has to retire
A They can be replaced but the replacement person inherits the times of the retiring participant. To be considered for a team placing in the final results, teams must finish with at least four participants who have completed all six stages.

Q How much does it cost to participate
A If you are participating on behalf of a charity the entry fee is paid by the charity as long as you raise the stipulated minimum amount of sponsor money for that charity .Non charity participants pay normal entry fees as listed.

Q Do you give refunds?
A Like all events entry fees are used to hire equipment, admin etc therefore we do not issue refunds after entry.

Q How fit should participants be
A You should be used to hiking on a regular basis and have good all-round fitness. You will be hiking 15 -20 miles per day, six days in a row, with an average of 16 miles per day. Some stages will involve climbs over mountain passes with up to 2,000 feet of height gain. You may wish to try hiking for 16 miles to see how you get on before signing up for the event.

Q Do you provide a training schedule.
A Yes a full training schedule has been designed and also a separate active training day for those wanting it will be arranged over the next year.

Q Will there be medical facilities
A Yes full medical backup facilities at checkpoints plus at the start and finish areas. There will also be a first aid station at the overnight stops including a doctor.

Q Does a team or individual have to raise money for charity?
A No you don’t, but you are welcome to approach any charity, most charities will even pay your entry fee if you dedicate and raise a minimum amount of money for them.

Q Do I have to join a team to take part.
A No you can choose to participate as an individual although it does help to have others to help motivate you through the tough parts of the event.

Q What will the weather be like?
A This question is unanswerable – you should be prepared for wind, sunshine, rain, snow – all these can be experienced in a couple of hours. If the weather is poor it will make the challenge even harder so you should be prepared for this both physically and with the clothes and equipment you bring. We shall give you a recommended kit list in advance of the event.

Q Are there any parking facilities
A If you join the event in Edinburgh we can inform you where secure parking will be available. At each start areas there will be a limited amount of parking available

What kit will I need to provide
A A full list of kit you provide will be in your Great Scottish 100 information pack.

Q Do I need to carry all my kit on each stage of the event.
A No, we shall give you a list of essential kit you will need to carry in your small day rucksack. The rest of your kit will be taken onto your designated accommodation.

Q What type of accommodation will be available
A Accommodation will vary from 3 / 4 star hotels to hostels.

Q What food will be provided?
A We shall provide all walkers with a full Scottish breakfast also a substantial hot evening meal, a packed lunch will also be provided in addition water stops will be situated along each stage of the walk

Q What time does each stage start
A From 7am onwards depending on the days schedule, if you are not staying with the main group of participants you must be at the start line at least 15 minutes before schedule start time.

Q Will I be able to dry out any walking gear
A A drying marquee will be erected at each of the overnight stops

Q What insurance shall I need?
A Although the event will be covered with a public liability policy it is advised for you to take out your own personnel travel insurance

Q Will I receive a map of each route.
A Yes detailed maps will be in your information pack.

Q When will the walk information packs be sent out?
A will be sent out at least one month before the walk .If walking for a charity and if they have paid your entry fee they will send information pack once you have satisfied their charity place conditions.

Q When will the The Great Scottish Trophy / Inter–Service Cup ,walk medals, completion certificates and hampers be presented
A On completion of the Royal Mile Walk Friday 19th October at approximately 11.30am Holyrood Palace or Holyrood Park

Q Can my family join in the Royal Mile Walk?
A Yes

Q Who can I contact for specific information?
A Please address all questions to 0131 336 3620

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