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Picture great scottish 100 055Training: Over the next year we shall be arranging training days for those that wish to attend. The training days will give the novice walkers confidence but also advice on how to build muscle endurance slowly, this will help avoid injury. Getting to know your walking gear such as boots, walking poles etc. Team training will also be covered; an opportunity of getting to know the pace of others in the team and finding a training partner may also be a bonus.

Pre Event Information Briefs: We shall be having at least two main event information briefs which we ask at least one member from each team to attend. The date and venue for these important briefs will be confirmed later this year.

Start Areas:

Baggage: Each morning prior to the start participants are responsible for their own overnight main bag to be correctly tagged (we supply tags) and handed over to The Great Scottish 100 baggage team. The bags will then be transferred to the participant’s pre-arranged next overnight accommodation.

Participant’s day rucksack should have the appropriate gear in as listed in your information pack.

Facilities: Start area facilities will include Toilets, First Aid, Information Marquee, bottled water pick up point, coffee, tea or hot chocolate drinks, and large route map display.

Main Check Points: First Aid, toilets, hot food such as, haggis/neaps, stovies, burgers/ veggie, soup drinks – coffee, tea hot chocolate, bottled water and juice.

Finish Area: First aid, toilets, massage marquee, physiotherapist, hot drinks, litter disposal facilities and marquee for shelter. Minibus transfer participants to overnight accommodation.

Overnight Accommodation: The overnight accommodation will be a mix of 3 star hotels, bunk houses hostels etc. all inspected and approved by The Great Scottish 100 team. We shall do our best to keep teams together but in extreme cases this may not be possible. Note: Early booking for the event may alleviate this problem for your team.


All accommodation hosts have been asked to provide each of their guests with full Scottish breakfast and a hot evening meal. If you have special dietary needs please inform us on your registration document. Your overnight baggage will be waiting for you each evening on arrival at your accommodation. A minibus will pick participants up at a dedicated time each morning to transfer you to the start area.

Start area briefing: Each morning prior to the start participants will be briefed by the Great Scottish 100 Race Director this will cover such things as that day’s weather forecast, route terrain and an update of overall team / individual placings.

Drop outs: If anybody has to retire through injury or other reasons, inform The Great Scottish 100 emergency team who will then transfer the person by Argo cat to the nearest first aid point and from there evacuate the injured person off the route to the finish area where a proper medical assessment can be taken.

The Royal Mile Walk Friday 19th October 11.30am On completion of all six stages (99 miles) the final mile will be The Royal Mile Walk from Edinburgh Castle Esplanade to The Palace of Holyrood. Friends and family can join you on this walk and also in the Palace of Holyrood or The Scottish Parliament (venue to be confirmed later) for the prize presentation.

Prizes: We shall be awarding prizes in the following categories

The Great Scottish 100 Trophy - This will be awarded to the team that completes the full 6 stages of the event in the lowest aggregate time. We take the total time of the first four walkers in each team to finish each stage.

1st- 2nd & 3rd Male and Female to finish: The lowest overall aggregate time of each individual to finish.

Completion Medals All participants will receive a special unique Great Scottish 100 medal.

Completion Certificate / Scroll All participants will receive a completion Certificate/ Scroll

The Great Scottish 100 Hamper All participants will receive a special Great Scottish 100 Hamper full of quality Scottish products.

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